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Reapplying After a Rejection

Reapplying After a Rejection Applying for higher studies can be a mentally taxing challenge that can wear down even the finest of us. If you get rejected by a B-school, there is not much you can do in this situation.  However, your growth involves getting out there and showing your grit. Realise that what may not have been the right fit then, can certainly be the right fit now, but under certain circumstances. As it is, this is an uncharacteristic year and your plans need to be adjusted accordingly. The...
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Tackling the Wharton Interview

Tackling the Wharton Interview Wharton is one of the first B-Schools to employ a group discussion element to its interview process. The Team-Based Discussion is designed to demonstrate the cooperative nature of the Wharton MBA classroom and to identify qualities that can contribute to the success of a Wharton student. It is noted that fifty per cent of applicants are invited to the TBD, but only ten per cent are granted admission. This process can be daunting for many students, but you need to understand that coupled with your written...

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