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Preparing the INSEAD EMBA Business Cases

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The INSEAD EMBA is perfect for experienced managers who are surpassed in their skills and career. As an EMBA aspirant, you are striving to enhance your leadership skill along with managerial roles to achieve the next line of your set goals. EMBA not only provides you benefits as an individual but is also beneficial for your organization. EMBA allows you to bring up your gained knowledge, skills, insight, and experience back to your office so then other co-workers can also take benefits from your knowledge. You can always ask for your CEO or HR Director to implement the EMBA programme in your office because it is not only advantageous for workers but also for the company as undertaking EMBA modules are the right choices to support the needs of the company. However, the business case will aid you in preparing your request for sponsorships of undertaking EMBA.

Few are the pointers that will help you in presenting your strategy about addressing concerns of your organization that will get resolved through EMBA:

  • Make sure that your goals are clear, concrete, and motivated. It is crucial to know your reason for initiating such a big programme like EMBA in the company.
  • Outline the plan concisely and put forward it confidently with your concerns about the well-being of the company and your co-workers.
  • Before presenting your proposal for EMBA, make sure to manage your deadlines, commitments, and have ample attendance. Because all the hard work will drain if your performance as a manager is not well on the frontline of the business.
  • Always remember that your boss is mainly concerned with the benefits of the company, if you present your proposal in a way that it employs the benefit to the company as a whole, then there are greater chances of your boss to consider your request.
  • Employees and co-workers, on the other hand, need strong commitment and motivation to agree on your terms. You need to have a strong trustful relationship with your employees so then there are high chances of them listening to your proposal.
  • Do the research and study your company policy while sketching out the proposal document. It is worth it if you attached a reference for your supported HR in the document.
  • Use your network for taking anecdotes on the experience of the EMBA program, it will strengthen up your argument.
  • Sketch out the possible anticipated question that you think your boss or other employees will be going to ask you. So, then you can prepare the answers in advance to strong your proposal.
  • Visit the INSEAD EMBA website and write their offered programs and benefit with details that will assist you in writing the proposal.
  • Mentioned the all required details properly in the outline about EMBA programs such as its duration, cost, ranking, content, setting, alumni, schedule, faculty, and contact details.

With all these mentioned tips you are surely able to draw an influential business case that supports your intention and concerns with the company. Stay confident and prepared before the presentation and stating the INSEAD EMBA program details, so then your concerns are heard by the other workers and your higher-ups more profoundly and attentively.

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